Le Mat –Sleep with a clear conscience.

About Le Mat


Le Mat is a social franchising organization for social enterprises running hotels, hostels and B&B´s. We offer high quality accommodation, while at the same time creating job opportunities for people who have experienced difficulties finding a job.


Each and every Le Mat is a social enterprise. That means we start, and run, the enterprise together. We combine professionalism with democracy and empowerment, and have succeeded in creating viable enterprises and new job opportunities. We offer a camaraderie, a chance for personal and professional development, and an opportunity to become a social entrepreneur.


Italian Roots

The Hotel Tritone in Trieste, Italy, was the first Le Mat Hotel in the world. The hotel was created more than 15 years ago, and is an inspiration to our organization. Le Mat Europe is a European collaboration set up to strengthen the Le Mat brand, and spread the ideas to other countries. In this way, we can help building sustainable social enterprises, and create more job opportunities. www.lemat.coop
















Make a Difference

Att samarbeta med Le Mat är ett sätt för företag och organisationer att Cooperating with Le Mat is a way for companies and organizations to help make a difference and assume Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This cooperation can take the form of real estate partnership, sponsorship, donations, transfer of knowledge or competence.






At ours Le Mat B&B´s, hotels and hostels you will have a high quality experience. Our warm and friendly staff treats every guest with great respect. We call it “ACCOGLIENZA!”


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